Town Hall 5 TH 5 War Bases

Best Town Hall 5 or TH 5 War Bases in the World- CoC Hack

Having got at Town Hall 5, you must have just got introduced to the Clan Wars concept. The time has come you upgrade your tribe castle and join a suitable clan and start participating in clan battles. So, there is some amount of information that you will need and there will be some base layouts […]

Town Hall 5 TH 5 Defense Bases

Best Town Hall 5 or TH 5 Defense Bases in the World- CoC Hack

Although when farming you are concerned about protecting the available loot in the storages, when it comes to defense bases, the available loot is not deducted from your loot. So, you are not bothered with loot in any way and would like to spread out your storages so that the opponent is delayed in improvement and […]

Most Funny Clash of Clans Bases - CoC Hack

You Cannot Resist Laughing after Watching these Clash of Clans Funny Bases -CoC Hack

Clash of Clans is  most popular multiplayer game in the World. Here you create farming bases, prepare and train armies and go for clan wars. There are so many creative people who make amazing funny CoC Bases which will open laughter gates for your mouth. You will be biting your nails after watching these Creative Clash […]

Hidden Tesla CoC

Beware of Electrifying Hidden Tesla in Clash of Clans Base

Clash of Clans Hidden Tesla Towers are a hidden trap defense that pop out of the ground if a troop comes within 6 tiles of it’s location. They are basically lightning rods that electrify all troops on both land and air. They have an extremely fast rate of fireplace, firing 3 shots every 2 seconds. That […]

Wizard Tower CoC

Clash of Clans Wizard Tower Splashing Fire Balls on Attackers

Wizard Towers are powerful brief ranged defensive structures that deal splash damage, just like the Mortar. (only the Wizard Tower’s blast does not have a knock back again effect) They are very first available in TH 5 and in that particular TH Level they are by far the top notch defense on your foundation.   Intro […]

Clash of Clans Mortar CoC

End in a Splash with Fierce Clash of Clans Mortar

Clash of Clans Mortars are an unique protecting weapon due to inaccurate power and inability to touch any troop once it get near to it. They may be tricky structures to place on your foundation for these reasons. Various players look up the stats of the Mortars to see that it offers very low damage […]

Clash of Clans Archer Tower

Long Range Air Land Defender “Archer Towers” of Clash of Clans

CoC Archer Towers are incredibly similar to Cannons in cost and destruction, there is a a little bit longer range and similar Hit Points. The top big difference is that Archer Towers can shoot down air objectives which makes them significantly more valuable than the Cannon. All about Clash of Clans Archer Tower Archer Towers […]

Clash of Clans Cannon CoC

How Cannons Attack and Whats are its Upgrade Levels in Clash of Clans?

Cannons are the first defensive structure that you will see at the beginning of your Clash of Clans Journey. Even though the CoC Cannon starts off as an extremely weak tower, with steady upgrades, it draws to a close up with great single-target DPS and a great HORSEPOWER pool. Players buy gain access to five […]